Monday, 10 December 2012

The Four W's and a Hello.

Hello, I'm Alice Molyneux and this is my very first Blogger post. So that is the Who, Who I am is Alice, I'm an 18 year old, I'll tell you more about Alice in a short while.. 
Lets get the Where out of the way quickly. Where I am located? In South Wales unfortunately and embarrassingly living within 'The Valleys' in a small place called Abertridwr. 
The reason Why I wanted a blogger, was mainly from the inspiration of my sisters amazing blogger 'Molyneuxoxo'. I'm interested in all things eccentric, I am a total magpie to weird and wonderful things, I am in other words a total kook. Constantly changing the way i look, a chameleon to hair colour and fashion sense. One day I'm a 1940's tennis player the next a Tailor Trash 90's TV star in a Hawaiian shirt and a pink Johnny Bravo quiff. It goes from Goth, to Fairy to a Gwen Stafani 'wannabe'. I wanted to document all of my weird  little thoughts and stories of my day online to a bunch of strangers all sharing their interests talents and days. Like me. Being creepy little weirdos all together. 
Ok so more of the Who. Lets do this as quick fire round, as one of those of a game show. so lets go.. I'm a bar maid, jewellery maker and a face painter (I'm very indecisive). I have a tabby cat named Oliver that i could class as a human child (Yes I'm that guy.. well girl) and a Bishon named Maddison.. also one of my children (metaphorically speaking of course). I am in training to be a  Beauty Therapist I can tell you all sorts of wonders about your skin, how to look after it properly all sorts and all sorts. One Sister, One Mother, One Father, One Boyfriend, One Best-friend, Lots of mentally suggestive friends, Few normal ones. You'll see A lot of them all in my posts. I can't spell, so excuse any mistakes that spell check has failed to inform me of. I am educated in other areas I have A-levels to prove I am a barer of the truth. 
Ok so enough of that. Never a dull moment aye? And i suppose that last piece of information was the What, the who, the why and the where. Stick around for some crazy hair and make-up posts, outfits i decided to match up 'that day' and an inside eye into my life, Oh And perhaps odd thought or two.. maybe a dozen.. Perhaps. 

P.s. You may ask yourself why AllyFlossHead? Let me break this down.. Ally coming from the fact my name is Alice.. Floss? I often get called that due to the texture and colour of my hair. Head also referring to that.. put together 'AllyFloss' sounds like 'Candyfloss'. It is a cute yet lame play on words that seems to have a ring to it that pleases my ear. ta-dah. 

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